Affordable Sea Burial off the beautiful coast of San Diego:


Scattering of ashes at sea is a peaceful and graceful way to say goodbye to your loved one. Ideally, a dignified sea burial should take 2-3 hours for scattering ashes at sea at a beautiful locastion off the coast of Point Loma, San Diego. From the carefully selected burial location, you can see the Cabrillo Lighthouse on Point Loma, the Hotel Del Coronado, the San Diego city skyline, and the Coronado Bay Bridge. Scattering ashes at sea is recommended in the morning or late afternoon. However, we're happy to accommodate a time most convenient for you.  

Some families like to purchase a salt or otherwise compostable urn for their funeral at sea. We offer a ceramic lighthouse on board that you may use in lieu of a compostable urn to scatter your cremated remains. You may facilitate your memorial at sea service or we can recommend an officiant if you prefer. Our compassionate captain can steer the boat in a circle around the ashes signifying the completion of the circle of life, giving you an opportunity to reflect and watch the ashes as they float out to sea.  Our professional crew will mark the coordinates of your scattering on a commemorative card in case you would like to return to that place in the future.


The classic sailing yacht JADA is the signature vessel in the fleet, however we manage a wide range of affordable vessels large and small, motor and sail, so we can easily accommodate your needs for number of guests, size  and comfort.


You will need to provide the cremated ashes to scatter and the permit for scattering. We will provide the vessel, the crew, and soft drinks. We will also record your permit with the county's vital records in San Diego on your behalf. Sail JADA Charters LLC is licensed to scatter ashes at sea.


Sail JADA Charters offers dignified Burial at Sea services with several private yachts to choose from. Let us help you plan your sea burial if your loved one has requested you to scatter their ashes at sea.

Sail JADA Charters offers memorials at sea services with a variety of beautiful yachts and professional and compassionate staff. Contact us so that we can help make your funeral at sea a memorable one.

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