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"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts”. — Rachel Carson

Green Burials

In Home Funeral

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San Diego Funeral Services carefully assists in guiding you through your in-home funeral arrangements. We can help manage any element of this important ceremonial tribute to your loved one.  Our funerary experience allows us to to help you create a stress free environment and at the same time keep costs to a minimum. A selection of low cost basket weave coffins and simple biodegradable wood products are available.

Locations available for Green Burial internments are limited in the State of California, however the Joshua Tree Memorial Park in Joshua Tree CA (about 30 miles outside Palm Springs is the closest venue to San Diego). We can arrange for proper internment there. We also provide guidance and the necessary minimal assistance that would be required for a in-home viewing or vigil

We an also handle the entire in-home service as desired by the family and loved ones with the least distractions.

Read “About Green Funerals”

Please read and review a few articles we have here on the process of performing your own service and learning the guidelines and perspective of what is minimally required by law. It’s simpler than you might think.

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Environmentally-conscious “green” living may be one of the most beneficial movements in the world today, yet most people associate green only with living. For people who want to preserve the environment, green funerals and green burials provide a way to make the end of life more meaningful too. For many people, a greener funeral represents an ethical as well as philosophical choice.For others, it is a way to find value and significance in a simpler funeral process. To the right, a comparative and link to a chart on green burials compared to conventional internment.

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